Great Plains Reseller: Customer Address Update on Sop Invoices

Great Plains Reseller: Customer Address Update on Sop Invoices

Microsoft Dynamics GP is open to customizations, modifications and reporting just via the fact that it is in essence Microsoft SQL Server database application.  Unlike others small business and mid-market ERP applications (SAP Business One, for example), GP allows you to update its tables fields via SQL update command.  However, before you ask your SQL DBA to stand out, create Update script and incorporate it as regular (overnight) SQL job, we would like you to think about MRP and ERP auditing implications.  If this data alteration is not a concern, then, let’s go to the details:

1.       SOP work and historical invoices.  Please review the following GP tables: SOP10100 – this is Sales Order Processing Work Document Header and SOP30200 – this is respectively historical one

2.       Statement To Address.  When you create SOP document: Invoice, Quotation or Sales Order, you copy customer address from Statement To Address ID directly to SOP header table

3.       What happens if your customer moves and changes contact person.  Imagine scenario, when you send out customer invoice, then in a month from that date you realized that customer office moved to new location and they let old contact person and now they hired new warehouse manager.  In this scenario, you most likely would like to create Crystal Reports or probably even giving it lower profile – Smart List report in GP to reflect new address and new purchasing manager.  In some cases you would like to reprint historical sales documents with new customer address and contact person info.  All these routines are doable and all we need is simple SQL update statement, however again we would like you to evaluate auditing implication

4.       If you are positive to go ahead.  Please, contact our office via email or directly by our 866 number below

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