Great Plains Dexterity – Microsoft Dynamics Gp Customization Technology

Great Plains Dexterity – Microsoft Dynamics Gp Customization Technology

If you remember ERP players in 1990th, you would probably remember the technology trends and stakes: nobody could really say which OS will win: MS Windows, MAC, SUN Solaris, UNIX; plus nobody could also predict which DB platform will stay: MS SQL Server, Sybase, IBM DB2, Oracle, or somebody else. This was the IT environment, when Dex was designed and introduced as Great Plains Software Dynamics development environment, programming language (Sanscript) and customization technology. Addressing computer industry challenges, it was built on the following principles: OS and DB platform independence and as the proposed subsequence – longevity. Microsoft Dexterity currently is the basis for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0, the latest version, it absorbed new technological features and trends: COM objects, ability to be integrated with Sharepoint, SQL Server Stored Procedures calls, and others

1. Programming in Dexterity. Dex is not technically Object Oriented language, so it is really hard to program Dex by example, as you would expect in the case of C# or VB.Net. Plus Dexterity is associated with Microsoft Great Plains architecture, this is why programming Dexterity requires several years of GP technical support experience, including GP data fixing with SQL scripts, data conversion, where you feed data from legacy MRP system to GP tables. You should also be familiar with major GP screens: SOP entry, GL transaction, POP Purchase Order, Inventory item maintenance.

2. DYNAMICS.DIC. This is Dexterity built dictionary, please be assured, that Dexterity source code is stripped out and as a programmer you will not find there procedures and functions scripts. In order to analyze Dex power and functionality, please review Dexterity manuals, available on Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 CDs

3. Custom and Alternate Dynamics forms. Dexterity architecture allows you to build new forms, as well as modify existing ones. Alternate forms are typically the issue in GP version upgrade, so we recommend you to avoid existing form modification option. Instead you should consider Dex triggers to work with existing forms and modify logic with the trigger

4. Extender. eOne version of extender allows you to deploy Dex power not being Dexterity developers, however you should expect limitations

Source by Andrew Karasev