Great Plains Automatic Batch Posting From Econnect Ecommerce Application

Great Plains Automatic Batch Posting From Econnect Ecommerce Application

Alba Spectrum Autoposting Server is good enabler for GP batch auto posting from eConnect integration application as well as if you are deploying SQL or PHP coding to integrate your eCommerce web site with Microsoft Dynamics GP Great Plains.  Alba Spectrum is about to announce new version of Auto Posting Server release date with the list of new features.  This publication is to describe general functionality of Posting Extension:

1.       Batch Posting.  It is done via Great Plains Dexterity native code fragments call.  Autpopost is Dex add-on.  If you are programmer, what you need to do is to insert work transactions in the batch in GP (typically via eConnect, as it has encrypted stored procedures to create customers, vendors, SOP invoices, etc), and then place batch record into Autopost table – this will trigger batch posting process. Autopost checks table status every few seconds and if new record is found, batch posting process is initiated

2.       Batch Origin.  If you are thinking from eCommerce perspective – you are probably about SOP Transactions batch.  However batch origin might be of any core GP module: POP, AP, AR, GL, Payroll, Inventory, Invoicing, etc.  If you need batch posting, originated in add-ons or ISV GP extensions, please check with us, as each GP customization partner makes its own way of batch posting scenario

3.       New Features.  New Autopost release will include: email notification, posting error logging and automatic startup.  Please check with us in two weeks from now as we plan to release detailed specs for new features

Source by Andrew Karasev