Four Ways to Make Your Word File

Four Ways to Make Your Word File

We will talk about some related to your office daily work. Did you encounter the following situation? You want to send an email with a Word file attachment, but the email cannot be send out cause the Word file is too large. And you waste many efforts in making the file slim. You can try the following methods, which can reduce the size a lot.

  1. Save as

In Menu, choose “File > Save As”, and save the file with a new name. You can compare the new file with original one; you will find that the file size of new one is much smaller.

You can also work in this way. Select the whole content of the document, copy and paste it to a new blank document and save it. Again, you will that file size of two documents is different.

  1. Delete old versions

If there are many old versions kept in the file, the file size will be larger. In Menu, choose “File > Version”, check to see if there is any old version saved. You can delete those versions with no value to make the file slim.

  1. Insert picture wisely

“Insert Picture” is one of the main reasons for the word file get fat. Try to insert a smaller picture. You can use graphic editor to reduce the size of picture before insert into the file. The file format should use GIF or JPG and do not use those high-resolution graphic, like BMP.

  1. Don’t “Embed True Type Font”

“Embed True Type Font” will increase the size of word file. In Menu, choose “Tools > Options”, switch to “Save” tab page. Confirm that your word file have no true type font, and cancel the “Embed True Type Font” option. If you embed true type font, then choose “Embed characters in use only”.

Try the above four methods, you will see your word file getting slim.

Source by Isaac Chu