Fix Windows 7 Freezes

Fix Windows 7 Freezes

Windows 7 is a technological marvel; it is fast despite all the eye-candy, and contains many new features. However, it does have its share of problems. One of Windows 7’s problems is that of occasional freezes.

This can happen at any point in time. It can happen when you’re surfing the net, listening to music or when you’re doing some work. When you have unsaved work and Windows 7 freezes at that time, it results in a big waste of time as the work has to be done again after you restart the computer. Provided it doesn’t freeze again.

In some cases, this can be due to driver incompatibilities. By making sure that you have the latest version of drivers for your system, you can pretty much eliminate this possibility. If the freezes occur again, it is likely due to the next reason, which is the most common cause of problems in Windows.

Windows 7 makes heavy use of a system-wide information repository called the registry. In fact, many other programs, in addition to Windows itself, store settings and other information inside the registry. There is no check to ensure that the information stored within is valid and correct, and problems commonly happen because of errors in the registry. Because the registry is such an integral part of Windows, problems in it can cause error messages in Windows or cause the system to freeze.

The way to resolve it is to fix all the errors in the registry by using a registry cleaner software. A good registry cleaner will scan the entire registry for errors and fix them. After getting rid of the registry errors, computer freezes will be a thing of the past. In addition, Windows will feel faster than before.

Source by Jason Webber