Erase Hard Drive Data Completely and Securely

Erase Hard Drive Data Completely and Securely

Deleting any file doesn’t suggest that file is not in existence. It is still in hard drive. Professional can take out it by using some technique. File store in hard drive and each has an index number whenever you give command to open the file, hard disk search that index number and open that file. When you delete any file then what happened that the link between the index and the file disappear that mean this file is not going to be in use further and the space taken by that file can be overwritten by you. Your OS cannot find this data but it is still there. Your hard disk is a compilation of your business and life’s data. Whenever you erase hard drive data, you think that you have delete and this will not be read by anyone but you are highly mistaken my dear any computer knowledgeable professional can take out that file and can misuse it. You may say that formatting the hard disk is solution but most of the time formatting also not met to that point.

When you sell your old computer first thing what you do is, you will delete your entire file and sell your computer feeling that file is not present but if the person to whom you have given is shaky then he can take out those data with the use of software and can misuse that. So what is the solution for that? Erase hard drive data securely and completely. There are many such softwares are available in the market that fulfill this requirement. Software erases your hard drive and proactively ensures your data privacy. Software has the function that it wipes out all hard disk partition completely by secure overwriting data on physical level, erases partitions, logical drives and even not used disk space.

Softwares can disk wipe completely. It is more secure then formatting the hard drive. When you format the hard drive then you will allow overwriting those spaces not the files have gone out from hard disk. Erase hard drive data completely and securely and protect your confidentional data.

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