EMC Captiva – Software Solution for Document Information Processing


Information flow is like the blood running in the veins of an organization. That is why it is very important to manage information accurately and efficiently. Information that that may arrive in the form of electronic mails, faxes, or in any other electronic format need to captured by the companies to ensure the data’s accuracy and feeding the perfected results into content management systems and manage information efficiently and accurately.

The Captiva line of products from EMC Corporation offers input management solutions that optimize the handling and processing of information across the organisation. By leveraging high-tech imaging, workflow and up to date internet technologies, EMC’s Captiva products help enterprises to save time and money while at the same time improving the accuracy of data capture.

The input process of this software shortcuts the traditional front-end data input methods by digitally capturing the documents using fax machines, scanners and the internet, hauling out the meaningful information, automatically applying business rules that ensure the data’s accuracy and feeding the perfected results into content management systems. The overall result is a centralised streamlined system that is able to completely solve the challenge of input management.

EMC Captiva’s offerings greatly help in relieving the burden of organizations. It has made the process of feeding their information-intensive systems much faster, more cost effective and accurate.

EMC Captiva line of Products includes:

1.InputAccel – document capture solution at enterprise-level

2.eInput – a front-end distributed image capture software system

3.Dispatcher- Intelligent Document Recognition

4.FormWare- automated forms processing

5.Digital Mailroom- an automated single point-of-entry for all information

6.PixTools – is a suite of software developer toolkits (SDKs) comprised of scanning, viewing, and image processing and many other input management solutions for the enterprise.

All these products are customizable to meet specific organisational or enterprise needs, and all products come with the backing of a proven leader in input management solutions.


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