EDI Quickbooks Ecommerce Integration – Channel Integration

EDI Quickbooks Ecommerce Integration – Channel Integration

Quickbooks EDI Integration with E-commence shopping Cart with QuickBooks , Where your online solution which may be Amazon, Ebay, your customized shopping cart with Quickbooks. EDI solution for QB, helps businesses automate their 832 Price/Sales Catalog Often used to transmit UPC’s to the retailer or 3rd party catalog, with description and sometimes MSRP. 846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice Used to notify a trading partner of on hand inventory. 850 Purchase Order 852 Product Activity Data Provides point of sale information. 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment PO Acknowledgment or Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Order. 856 Ship Notice/Manifest Notifies retailer of shipment and it’s contents. 860 Purchase Order Change Request 864 Text Message Sometimes used to transmit EDI errors, can be used for general information 867 Product Transfer and Resale Report 869 Order Status Inquiry 870 Order Status Report. Powerful software designed for QuickBooks with extensive inventory control, warehouse management, CRM, purchasing, eCommerce, sales order management, EDI, barcode, route sales, field service and more. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution. Channel Integration allows fast processing of large groups of EDI orders through QuickBooks. Our solution connects with retailers & transfers of EDI documents. Channel Integration’s Advance Shipping Notification (ASN) Wizard is a simple and customized solution for collecting additional data required for ASNs. Automatically generate invoices in the QuickBooks System when Electronic Invoices are created. If you’re one of the millions of small businesses using QuickBooks and running an online store, you’ve come to the right place. Automate your business processes with Channel Integration’s Quickbooks Integration solution for use with QuickBooks.

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You can post orders into QuickBooks with a single mouse-click! Better yet, use Channel Integration to synchronize your online store inventory with QuickBooks. Channel Integration integrates with QuickBooks Merchant Service, and PayPal so you can process payments. Channel Integration also helps you generate shipping labels with USPS, UPS WorldShip, Endicia Dazzle or

Channel Integration’s Quickbooks EDI Integration Solution is a state of the art hosted EDI solution

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