Dynamics Sl or Solomon Voucher and Adjustment Entry

Dynamics Sl or Solomon Voucher and Adjustment Entry

Microsoft Dynamics SL or Solomon has a Voucher and Adjustment Entry in the Accounts Payable module that is very useful for businesses that purchase and sell products or items from the vendors and to the customers.  You can enter documents like vouchers, debit adjustments, and credit adjustments with the entry, and then release the documents for further processes like selection for payment and other tasks.

First, the Accounts Payable Setup needs to be filled in to define the way the documents are entered and flow.  Once that is done, you can select to automatically increment the document number for a document.  Also, you will select a vendor for the document, for example you can create a voucher for a vendor and then select it for payment.

There are dates for the document dates like voucher date, invoice date, discount date, due date, pay date, and other dates for you to keep record of the documents.  You can input transaction details section enter the line items from the voucher and assign them to the expense accounts and subaccounts.  This section also allows the users to view transaction details.  Many number of line items for a voucher can be entered, the amounts can then be distributed to many companies, projects, expense accounts and subaccounts.

There are batch section for you to keep record by grouping the vouchers and adjustments per batches, it make it easier to select the vouchers for payment and other processes.  You can enter a new batch or select an existing batch for entering new vouchers and adjustments.  All documents in the batch will be processed together, like posting or selection.  There are other sections for more detailed handlings of the documents for you, so it makes the Voucher and Adjustment entry screen very flexible and useful.

All Solomon or Dynamics SL screen windows and reports are ready to customize, you can use customizer to change the appearances or values.  If more advanced modification or customization is needed then VBA, Visual Basic Tools, Object Model Automation and other tools are there to help.   Solomon has been in the accounting software market for many years, and it was very prompt to convert to Windows environment from DOS.  In SL version 7, the whole accounting software is rewritten for .Net, so the software has always been trying to be on top of what are new with computers and operating systems.

Source by Tenny