Drake Tax Preparation Software Productivity Enhancement in a Hosted Environment

Drake Tax Preparation Software Productivity Enhancement in a Hosted Environment

Drake tax software is one of the most affordable and features rich tax return filing application available for tax planners. But most importantly drake tax software offers full financial management options with its vast number of add-ons, diverse forms and import/export features compatible with large number of accounting and CRM applications.

Many tax preparers have realized the benefits of having tax preparation software hosted in the cloud environment with benefits such as anytime anywhere data accessibility, collaboration and security of the data. Before going into the details of benefits of Drake tax software hosting here are the list of some Drake features that are very useful for the tax preparers.

  • Diverse number of forms:  Drake tax software includes the most comprehensive list of tax forms and state specific forms to help tax preparers. Further the tax software offers comprehensive tax research features for tax planning for the clients.
  • Easy Export and import of data: Of all the tax software, Drake tax application is the most comprehensive in terms of import and export of data from diverse application be it they accounting or  CRM application and in the process saving data entry time and costs. Not only excel import bust also scanned document data can be imported to the Drake tax application.
  • Drake Add-ons: Drake provides a large number of Add-ons to make the tax practice both faster and to offer diverse range of services for their clients. The add-ons include drake tax planner, Drake document management systems, client write ups and payroll applications.

Drake Tax preparation in the cloud environment

The efficiency of tax return filing process and use of the other features of the Drake Tax program can be considerably enhanced if the Tax application is accessed through third party terminal servers or cloud servers. This means hosting the database on third party terminal servers and accessing the application as a local desktop interface instead of that on Local LAN. The benefits of Drake tax Application hosting are:

Cost Reduction: Application lifetime costs may involve software licenses, servers installations, occasional upgrades and technical support costs. With Drake accessed on a  terminal server there is no need to install local network, neither there is any requirement of dedicated technical support professional as IT help desk is provided by the service provider.

No IT obsoleteness: Since the local IT infrastructure needs are considerably reduced, Drake Tax software hosting also means that obsoleteness of the IT infrastructure is a thing of the past. With the application installed and run on the latest terminal server, users have the advantage of access to most advanced technology without any upfront costs involved.

Reacting to the market forces swiftly: Since the cloud hosting services are available on demand and the infrastructure bought at a short notice the tax preparers are able to cater well to the increased demand during the tax preparation season without any additional IT costs involved. Further they have to buy the services only when they need and hence further save IT costs for unutilized IT Infrastructure.

Collaboration and sharing with Drake Tax software hosting

A major handicap for the mobile tax professional is the inability to access the tax application beyond the LAN or the office premises. With Drake tax software hosting not only they can share and collaborate with other users in real time but also share, review and oversee what changes are made to the files by different users.

Collaboration feature allow the tax professional to:

  • Have better clients interaction and available to troubleshoot clients issues  or share files with them from anywhere remotely not necessitating one to one physical interaction and thus saving both time and transportation costs.
  • Use outsourced cheap labour for tax season and still being able to keep a tab on the quality of work done or the progress of the tax preparation process through real time collaboration.

Drake Tax application hosting and financial data security

Remote data backup is more secure than the local back up as:

  • Data is stored in multiple locations automatically on a daily basis in case of remote backup which may not be possible in case of locally backed data due to unavailability of technical professionals.
  • Monitoring of the local network for security threats may involve dedicated IT professionals and thus involving recurring costs which can be easily possible and in more comprehensive ways in a hosted environment.

Multiple Applications hosting in an integrated manner with Drake Tax software

Drake tax software not only comes with most comprehensive list of Add-ons bust is also easily integrated with many other applications in comprehensive manner for easy import and export of data to enable financial consultants to offer diverse solution to their clients and thereby increasing business profitability. Drake tax software can be integrated with accounting software such as QuickBooks and Peachtree as well as CRM software such as ACT! By sage.

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