Dot Net Inventory Accounting Source Code

Dot Net Inventory Accounting Source Code

Dot Net Inventory and Accounting system will bring existing win32 application into Microsoft dot net framework, end user will enjoy the optimize and stable environment while developer will enjoy even more, let’s see what dot net will do for the developer:

Benefit #1 – Smaller distribution footprint.
Dot Net application require dot net framework, which almost every new computer with Windows XP and Vista will be installed by default. This makes the dot net distribution extremely easy, especially using Internet and auto-update technology.

Benefit #2 – Rapid Application Development (RAD).
Borland powerful and successful RAD compiler, has been replaced by Microsoft Visual Studio when Visual Studio 2005 launches. The most powerful tools in Visual Studio 2005 will be the Dataset designer! Although the technology is just getting mature, it provides enough tools for developer to move their existing code into RAD design, most business rules and codes can be written in the dataset designer.

Benefit #3 – Flexible and Scalable.
The Dot Net platform allows scale from desktop, to client-server and up to multi-tier application, and Windows application to Silverlight web interface. Developer will be able to share the effort when migrating to a larger system or web platform; existing business rules are reusable.

Benefit # 5 – Portability.
With proper design, dot net application can port to Linux and Mac OS (In theory, lack of dot net engine) as well. For some application, Linux or Ubuntu is a better platform; By the support from MONO, dot net application will be able to execute in the Linux environment.

However, for most of the developer, they might not be using such great features, but wouldn’t it be nice to have them when you need it in the future? Switch to dot net seems to be the best investment, legacy compiler will not survive the dot net wave, why wait till the trends obsolete you?

There are some vendors provide Source Code based Dot Net Inventory Accounting, this will help the developer save time and brings even more flexibility to their needs!

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Source by Kok Choon Kow