Do I Need Managed Hosting Services?

Do I Need Managed Hosting Services?

As business develops, growing e-commerce and high traffic volume may lead your company to consider a managed hosting service. How do you know if you need managed hosting? It’s a viable option for businesses?small to large?who don’t have the time and manpower to administer their own server. With managed server hosting, you’ll decrease server downtime and increase backups and data redundancy.
What is a Managed Hosting Service?
Your company may already have a dedicated server providing you with the robust bandwidth you need, and that’s great. If you’re tired of dedicating excessive hours, energy and technical staff to server administration, though, it’s time to look at managed hosting.

There are many practical and logistical benefits to hiring a managed hosting service. They include:

·    Premium security: Your hosting service installs firewalls and other security measures to ensure that your data?and your customers?are protected against attacks, viruses and hacking.

·    Rental Equipment: If you don’t own your own server equipment, a managed hosting service will provide it for a monthly rental fee. And, when your host decides to purchase equipment upgrades?you’ll reap the benefits.

·    IT Support: Managed server hosting reduces the burden on your tech staff. The hosting provider will supply connectivity, monitor servers, manage traffic loads, deal with equipment failures and offer necessary server backup.

·    Service Cost: While you’ll have to pay monthly for a managed hosting service, it will reduce out-of-pocket costs for equipment maintenance and manpower. In addition, you’ll benefit from a faster, more reliable web presence.

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” in server hosting. Instead, you can create your own service package based upon your company’s strategic objectives and available budget. If you’re considering the switch to fully managed hosting, check out reputable companies in your area. After discussing your company’s hardware, software, speed and security requirements, they should supply you with feasible, affordable solutions that fit your hosting needs.

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