Computer Monitoring Software – Bns Hosting

Computer Monitoring Software – Bns Hosting

Monitor Network and Control bandwidth usage

Why Use network monitoring?

Network monitoring allows a company to find out how internet is being accessed by employees. Almost all internet activity can be monitored AND recorded —with BNS’ complete network monitoring solution.

Network Monitoring benefits:

Bandwith hogs.
Want to know who among your employees are spending the most time surfing web sites? Which employees chat the most? You can even ’see’ the transcript of the chat conversation! Find out who is sending the most emails with attachments?

Latecomers and Idle workers.
Who is arriving to work late and leaving early? What times are they active? What times are they idle on the keyboard? What are my employees searching for on the Internet? Possible! These are just few of what our monitoring system solution has to offer, which level of detail is so precise that you can see what an employee does each and every second.

Prevent data leakage.
BNS network monitoring system lists the users that extract data from your network. Did they send out the mailing list? Did they copy sensitive information over to the thumb drive? Did they burn to CD or DVD or download to iPod your company’s proprietary information?

Network monitoring systems uncover Internet abuse,  improve office productivity, protect against leakages of confidential information. It highlights inappropriate activities by users that may expose a company such as yours to avoidable financial, legal and other preventable risks.

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