Computer Clean Up-speed Up Your Pc

Computer Clean Up-speed Up Your Pc

You need a Computer Clean Up,whenever your computer is running abnormally slow or has error pop up windows, freeze issues, blue screen, unwanted pop ups and system crashes after a period of use. You can do a computer cleanup by yourself by following 3 tips below.

Tip 1: Do a disk cleanup

For Windows XP, go to start -> my computer. After window opens up, right click on the drive C: and select Properties. In General tap, click on “disk cleanup”. Then you will see a pop up window with “Disk Cleanup is calculating how much space you will be able to free on drive C:. This may take a few minutes to complete” Once the calculation is done, you will see another window to show how much space that you are able to free. Click on OK to finish.

Tip 2: Remove unneeded programs for Computer Cleanup, go to start ->control panel, click on Add or Remove programs. Remove all unneeded programs. Run a program (such as IE) to check the results of cleanup.

Tip 3: Using the Registry Cleaner for Computer Clean Up.

If you have tried the above tips, your computer is still slow or has some unexpected errors, it is time to use Registry Cleaner to do a computer clean up.

Which registry cleaner to use?

There are so many registry cleaners online. Some are free and some are paid registry cleaners. Which one to choose between free and paid registry cleaners? I have fund a great strategy to help you make right decision.

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