Can Articlesbase’s new owner revive the dying piece of internet history?

Can Articlesbase’s new owner revive the dying piece of internet history?

If you are interested in any form of content marketing then chances are you have heard of Articlesbase. The site at it’s peak generated over 20 million visitors per month and delivered advertising revenue of over $500,000 each month.

However this is where the success story ends, fast forward only 5 years and the site is dying a fast and painful death. Currently the site gets around 200,000 visitors per month (that’s a 99% decline) and generates revenues of around $3,000 per month. After paying for hosting, online tools and general running costs, that does not even leave enough for a single person’s salary.

Why the epic fail from a site which was so strong just 5 years ago?

Previous owner Simon Gelfand explained

“we were hit massively by google’s algorithm changes over the years with both Panda and Penguin, with our focus on other projects we were unable to react to the changes quick enough. We with the best of luck to the new owners, we had over 10 happy years but it’s now time for some fresh ideas.”

Andrew Slack the new owner, who also owns MoreNiche had the following to say:

“The site has had huge success in the past and is a piece of internet history, however they have failed to evolve.

The site is riddled with duplicate content and offers users very little value, the internet has moved on and sadly Articlesbase has not.

It is our aim to change that, we need to pack 5 years of evolution into a small window before it’s too late. It feels like we’re experiencing life or death surgery right now and we are running out of time.”

Andrew Slack who have run successful online brands for over 12 years in very competitive markets, went on to list some of the short­ term plans for ‘reviving the site’ which included:

  • Fully integrate with Copyscape to clean up the content on the site (any duplicate content will be gone) even if Articlesbase is the original source.

  • Introduce new minimum posting standards to vastly improve the quality of new content being posted, the site has focused on quantity of content over quality, this will need to change.

  • Evolve the look and feel of the site and contributors area to meet today’s standards, including more dynamic content.

Some advanced features included:

  • A ‘ranking system’ similar to how google rank webpages for both authors and articles, allowing them to determine which content adds the most value to the readers and give that more exposure across the site.

  • A collaboration system similar to Wikipedia so that contributors can help improve and build upon the original author’s work, eventually allowing multiple authors to collaborate on single pieces of content what they call ‘co­authors’.

Andrew Slack went onto say:

“We hope this will allow authors and collaborators to build their own personal brands within the Articlesbase ecosystem.

We will encourage authors to add more embeddable content by recommending relevant Tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos and more during their article crafting journey.”

It is clear that the new owners have some work cut out for them, but seem extremely excited by the challenge.

If you have any suggestions for the new owners or would like to voice your appreciation for the service and past owners, please do comment in the box below. Please do share this article if you think others will find it interesting.

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