Blue Screen Boot – How To Fix The Windows Blue Screen Of Death

Blue Screen Boot – How To Fix The Windows Blue Screen Of Death

Have you been getting the blue screen boot?  This is what is known as the windows blue screen of death.  It is essentially a blue screen with white lettering that’s says “beginning of physical memory dump”.  After that your computer automatically reboots without permission.

The blue screen boot can occur when you “boot up” your system, run a specific application, or simply at random.  But the result is always the same.  A Windows blue screen and then the computer crashes.

So what exactly causes this problem?  Often times running too many programs at once can do it.  If your system is running past its hardware specifications it will often crash and reboot.

But when the problem happens consistently either when you start the system or are not running way too many programs at once, then it is related to errors in the Windows registry.

If your computer were a car, then the registry is the engine.  It is the central component of the system and all actions spring from commands sent by the registry.  The registry is a very complicated device which unfortunately is prone to corrupting and breaking down.

When your car breaks down you must bring it to a mechanic.  Most folks think that when their system does the same they must bring it to the computer technician.  You actually don’t have to.  In fact you can troubleshoot it by yourself the same way a technician would.

What you need to do is simply run a scan for registry errors and repair them.  For those who are getting the blue screen when you boot up, try starting your system in “safe mode”.  This is done by tapping the F8 key as soon as your CPU is starting up.  Once in safe mode, you can then scan your computer for errors.  This is the fastest and easiest way to cure blue screen boot problems.

Source by Jim Marshall