Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Small Businesses

Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Small Businesses

When it comes to being in charge of the financial aspect of a smaller business, taking risks is one thing you’re undoubtedly wary of. That’s why it’s annoying to feel like you’re losing out on beneficial new technologies just because you’re not sure how well they’ll work for your business.

Cloud computing is currently taking the IT industry by storm. It’s most touted as the perfect solution for big businesses looking to scale and save, but that doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for smaller companies too. Cloud computing is actually fantastic for organisations of all shapes and sizes – and, by choosing a trusty, reputable provider, you shouldn’t have to worry about adopting the service if your business truly doesn’t need it; a good provider will only recommend the services your company will most benefit from.

In any case, however, it is likely that cloud will be near the top of the list. Cloud computing is so adaptable, scalable and affordable that many companies will have a use for it. Perhaps you’re an online retailer and there are distinct times of year when you get higher surges of traffic – like fancy dress costume companies at Halloween or card sellers around Christmas or Valentine’s Day. With higher traffic surges comes a stronger demand on servers, which can overload and crash if they are faced with too many requests. When crashes happen during peak periods, it can be crippling for businesses. Cloud computing can help prevent this from happening as you rent out more or less server space from your provider, depending on your requirements.

Cloud computing can also be especially useful for small businesses because it can mean that you don’t have to furnish your IT department with expensive new servers and a great deal of hardware. By hosting in the cloud, you can skip the acquisition of physical servers and save a great deal of cash. What’s more, the cloud can have your business up and running straight away, making it a convenient and quick way to operate on.

Whether you’re thinking about the public cloud – where several users share computing resources via virtualisation technology – or you’d like to keep a little more control of your IT and utilise a private cloud – where the technology is set up as your own dedicated environment behind dedicated firewalls and isn’t shared with anyone else, don’t let having a small company hold you back.

In fact, it could be the very reason that the cloud will work so well for you, so why not explore your options with this technology?

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