Bathroom Solutions – Four Ways to Add Storage With Style

Bathroom Solutions – Four Ways to Add Storage With Style

Any bathroom, large or small, can be short on storage space and with the need to store towels, toiletries, cosmetics, and beauty supplies, there are few other spaces in the house that are so demanding of adequate storage. Any old storage just won’t do; bathroom storage must be practical and user-friendly. Believe it or not, it is possible to add additional storage space to the bathroom without knocking down walls or building an addition, and it’s possible to do it with style.

Bathrooms typically have sink vanities with storage below that may consist of one open section of cabinetry under the sink and three drawers to the side and a medicine cabinet on the wall over the sink for pharmacy items, toothbrushes and small toiletries. Obviously, this is not enough storage space for the average family or even average couple. If the bathroom or adjacent hallway does not have a built-in or freestanding linen closet, towels and linens typically end up in a bedroom closet, making that space even more cluttered than necessary.

1. If the bathroom is large enough to accommodate some type of linen cabinetry or tall freestanding unit, that is a purchase well worth the investment. Look beyond typical bathroom cabinetry and consider an antique hutch with a glass front. The interior shelves will provide lots of space for folded towels and necessities that can be discreetly tucked away in baskets. Even an antique server or buffet offers quite of bit of storagespace; hang a vintage mirror and wall sconces above for a stylish look that will provide vanity space as well.

2. Options for smaller spaces include units that fit around and above the toilet and narrow free standing shelves that can be tucked in wherever space allows. To make open shelves more visually appealing, purchase wrought iron wall decor that will span the width and height of a freestanding shelf unit (or use two pieces of wrought iron mounted one above the other). The open scrollwork behind the unit will add style and practicality, since items set on the shelf won’t be continually falling off the back side. Let this practical solution inspire you; decorate bare wall space with complimentary wrought iron wall decor or metal wall art.

3. If floor space is at a premium, install wall shelves on any open expanse of wall going as high as the ceiling and practicality allows. Seldom used items can be tucked on the upper shelves and items that you wish to keep under wraps can be discreetly tucked into lidded wicker baskets or bargain storage boxes wrapped in fabric. Choose a colorful patterned fabric or coordinate several to give the boxes a custom look. Wrought iron or carved wooden brackets will make simple shelving more stylish and in keeping with whatever decorative scheme you wish to create. Scatter a few decorative accessories – such as candles, crystal perfume bottles, glass vases, a ceramic ring dish or figurines – to make the wall shelve arrangement as pretty as it is practical.

4. Hanging baskets that are typically used for kitchen produce can be used in the bathroom for wash clothes, face towels and other small items. Line the baskets with fabric to protect delicate contents or provide a little privacy.

Source by Jeanelle Deppner