Basic Tactical Gear For Airsoft Play

Basic Tactical Gear For Airsoft Play

Airsoft, like paintball, is a sport usually played outdoors and can be dangerous. So getting the right equipment so that you are prepared to play, and kept safe is important. Let’s go over some of the gear that can really take your airsoft play to the next level.

Face Mask

Arguably the most valuable protection gear in airsoft, the face mask will serve to protect your eyes and face from injury by airsoft BBs and other obstructions in the bush. A full face mask is recommended, however as a minimum you should have the goggles in order to protect your eyes. Losing an eye in an airsoft game would just be senseless.

Tactical Vest

For mil-sim games, the tactical vest will serve as your carry on in the field. Getting a tactical vest with many pockets for storing extra clips, BB rounds, flashlights, knives, radios and perhaps even a snack is worth its weight in gold. Also, with higher end vests, the thick material and supplies you are carry will serve to help protect you from getting hit and perhaps hurt from an enemy player.


Depending on your intents, there are lots of holsters to choose from. For mil-sims, a leg holster might be the preferred holster, due to the player already having a tactical vest, and not able to handle an additional load on his shoulders. But for police training, a shoulder holster is ideal, providing not only a holster for the airsoft pistol, but also a compartment for additional clips, etc on the other shoulder. When combined with a belt holster, the police trainee can store that extra sidearm that may be necessary in an advanced situation training session.

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