Advantages of your own dedicated hosting server

Advantages of your own dedicated hosting server

There are many advantages to hosting a site on a server that is dedicated to your website. One advantage is that you have a greater degree of control. In addition having more web space as well as bandwidth dedicated to yourself means that you can handle a larger amount of traffic. Response times are faster and if you really are in a business where you are earning several thousand dollars on the internet in a year or if your offline business is very large, it makes sense to host your website on your own server.

When you host your site on a dedicated server, you can choose the OS, hardware and more. In addition if a significant spike in your site traffic has resulted in slow loading, it is time to go for a dedicated hosting server. Remote configuration is possible with dedicated servers. There are many reasons for websites with significant traffic and earnings to opt for dedicated servers. However it should be remembered that running your own dedicated servers requires knowledge. If you wish you can opt for managed dedicated servers.

The primary disadvantage of dedicated servers is the cost. The other disadvantage is as mentioned – the technical skills needed to manage your own server. When you decide to buy a dedicated server, it is important to check the credibility of the hosting company. Is it secure, safe from hackers and otherwise credible? Some of the larger hosting companies display logos like McAfee Secure, BBB Accredited, HACKERSAFE and TRUSTe. A website carrying these logos is judged or made trustworthy by the big names that spell trust.

Virtual Private Servers are like dedicated servers in that they run their own operating system and they offer the advantages of a Dedicated Server. However they are lower on cost. The reason is that there may be ten virtual private servers on one dedicated server. Although they are in close physical proximity, they do not exist for each other, so to speak. So if you are looking to upgrade your hosting, it may be a good idea to consider a VPS instead of dedicated hosting right away. The hosting market is competitive and it is not too difficult to find a good deal. Luck!

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