Advantages of Amazon Web Services

Advantages of Amazon Web Services

Few years ago, top management and corporate were wondering hearing the most amazing word “Cloud Computing” and had long discussions with their IT infrastructure team and the discussion might be ending with “How, Where and When” to get on to the Cloud Computing.

Amazon web services and its existing channel networks help small and medium size corporations as well large scale organizations to think about Cloud Computing. However, Cloud Computing is not something new people were in imagination. The way of delivering the services for hosting an application to gaming solution as well keep the data safe with disaster recovery centers came in to existence with popular Amazon web services various solutions. Today, Amazon is one of the largest cloud solutions providing company and it has a best example of successfully running amazon online store since many years now.

People are wondering to know the advantages using Amazon cloud services. Amazon is offering its services in hourly rates, which benefits the most of the small and medium size companies to pay for the time it uses. Amazon gives an option to auto scale up the server size at the time of peak usages and auto scale down when it won’t have traffic load. Organizations do not have to worry about initial investment for buying high end servers and manpower for monitoring the in-house servers. Organizations can hire the servers and specification as per the usage requirements and save a lot of cost at the same time. Organizations does not have to think about back up, as Amazon offers S3 solution at very low cost to keep your data safe in any condition. The Amazon offers 24 hours support and it has region specific support centers to help local people at their working hours. The cost of owning an application server and data backup server is an old fashion; rather to pay what we use is the smartest way organizations are always happy to go with.

Amazon is offering various cloud solutions like, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Amazon EBS, Amazon Cloud Front, Amazon RDS and many more solutions for application hosting. Amazon has customized its offering considering size of organization and requirements. Organizations have choice to select hardware size and OS as well application stacks as per requirements and it can up and running in few minutes with Amazon Cloud solutions. Organizations can save a lot of time and efforts by going with AWS and other side can save on costing too.

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