Adobe Premiere Vs. Imovie – Which To Use

Adobe Premiere Vs. Imovie – Which To Use

Video production has made major advancements in the last two decades. Hollywood-style editing can now be done right from your home computer. Two big-name software programs in video editing are Adobe Premiere and iMovie. Here are three things to consider when using either one to cut and edit that next birthday party or wedding.

Linear or non-linear? If you do not have any previous experience editing video than iMovie will probably be your best bet. It is easier for beginners to learn than Premiere would be and it provides a more straightforward interface. iMovie runs on linear editing, meaning that the video is put into a single timeline and edited from there in the order that the video was shot, rather than the non-linear option in Premiere which has multiple video and audio tracks, providing more complexity for the more experienced user.

Special Effects: There are a number of special effects that one can do with either iMovie or Premiere. Text, chroma-key background display and, of course, cutting and splicing are just a few of the many visual effects you can manipulate on either of these programs. Again, it is suggested that beginners start off with iMovie and learn the basics from their special effects palette while the more advanced will have a broader brush to paint with using the array of available effects in Premiere.

What is it you are editing? What you have on film will determine a lot about the kind of post-production software you use to edit. While you can edit anything to any degree on either of these programs, it is suggested to beginners that they start with iMovie to edit even the most complex of their videos. Premiere has a steeper learning curve but there is a lot more one can do with it. Cutting out parts of a moving image and inserting another part as well as motioning and reframing a picture are just two of the plethora of options you have with Premiere.

As they always say, the best way to learn is to do it hands on. Whether you are an amateur who is just trying to make the best and simplest home video of your son or daughter’s birthday or you are trying to become another version of Martin Scorsese, these programs will help you along the way. You should now be better set to understand more about video editing, how it works, what tools are best and what to consider before editing your video. Most importantly, remember to have fun!

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