A Three Step Approach To An Effective Saas Environment

A Three Step Approach To An Effective Saas Environment

Continued economic pressures are persuading enterprises to choose purpose built solutions. This is true for small to medium sized businesses that operate on razor thin margins as compared to their larger counterparts. Amidst such a scenario, SaaS providers are coming up with a bevy of wares geared towards customers looking for ready to go preconfigured solutions that can reduce impact on capital budgets.

Instead of buying software and paying for troubleshooting and upgrades, the user pays for software incrementally, based on the actual usage levels. However, SaaS models differ fundamentally from traditional enterprise application delivery. To successfully implement your SaaS environment, you must evaluate every facet of your SaaS enablement program.

Following are the three most significant components of a successful SaaS Enablement Program:

SaaS Analysis Tool: This is the first phase of your SaaS enablement program wherein the vendor’s business consultants accumulate extensive information about your product line as well as your SaaS requirements. The data helps them in conducting an operational analysis and develop an effective business model required to successfully deliver best of breed SaaS solutions.

SaaS Enablement Consulting: The second phase of the program takes you through a detailed assessment process resulting in an effective roadmap, followed by formal presentation of recommendations to help you make the most of your mission critical software, improve time to market, and reduce your total cost of ownership. It will also give you a clear understanding of the key areas like the kind of technology to be used for your SaaS solutions. It would also be helpful to engage in a more thorough discussion of Application Architecture, Platform Scalability, Data and Security Needs.

SaaS Test Environment: Finally yet importantly, you can test your migration strategy to SaaS delivery. Accordingly, you can ask the vendor to make changes, if required. Deciding what SaaS services, products and features you need can be highly useful for you to leverage the maximum benefits of your SaaS Enablement Program.  And of course! It’s worth your money too.  

Once you agree upon the kind of services offered, other things to discuss are Licensing Requirements, Compliancy Requirements, Security Management, SLA etc.

The SaaS enablement program developed by NaviSite meets all your business needs, by providing a comprehensive range of SaaS services supported by cutting edge hardware, software and infrastructure technologies. Whether you are an established SaaS provider, a new ISV, or an enterprise shifting to a SaaS model, NaviSite can support all your SaaS initiatives efficiently and effectively.

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