A.j. Dolan Discusses Tracegain’s Impact on Profitability in the Food Supply Chain

A.j. Dolan Discusses Tracegain’s Impact on Profitability in the Food Supply Chain

TraceGains, Inc. ( was founded in 1998 with a 100% focus on traceability. The company has a patented delivery system —14 patents granted and growing —and also is an Issuer of United States Department of Agriculture Process Verification Program (PVP) Label.

By providing real-time bi-directional supply chain transparency and traceability, TraceGains reduces risks to the corporation and its executives, who may become personally liable in case of a recall. Positively Assured Traceability provides the following essential capabilities:

  • Continuous attribute visibility for each incoming ingredient received.
  • Identity preservation across commingling, batching, blending, transformation, and re-work.
  • Continuous comparison between on-floor activities, business rules, and compliancy requirements.

A.J. Dolan is VP of Research & Development, CTO for TraceGains, Inc.  According to Dolan “Collecting and integrating sub-SKU information across the supply chain has not only provided effective traceability of products, but has provided visibility into the quantitative and qualitative data that affects overall product profitability and success.”

For the past ten years Dolan has be an integral member of the TraceGains team providing traceability solutions within the Agricultural and Food & Beverage Industry to Reduce Risk, Increase Operational Excellence, and Boost Profitability. Dolan is responsible for creating patented solutions for collecting, tracking, reporting and tracing information on Individual Units of Production throughout the food supply chain

Dolan directs and participates in global engineering operations to ensure products are designed and introduced in order to meet business objectives.  He develops integrated systems and solutions used around the world for tracking and managing livestock, fruits & vegetables, and grains and oilseeds, throughout the food supply chain. As CTO he is also responsible for corporate budgets, proposals and specifications, project and resource management, systems research and architecture, technical presentations, coding of software solutions, and advanced technical support.

However, TraceGains not only adds the missing capabilities to protect food companies, its officers and executives, and consumers, but goes beyond to turn data into actionable business intelligence from the floor to the board room.

With proven solutions and hundreds of implementations, return on investment (ROI) and profitability enhancement has been independently confirmed in university studies. Companies’ bottom lines are positively affected through the following results:

·        Improved operational efficiency by identifying profit leakages.

·        Enhanced product consistency by pinpointing causes of variation.

·        Increasing market share by assuring trading partners they are protected with actionable data.

By using Web Services to interconnect with all leading ERP, SCM, and MES systems, Positively Assured Traceability can deliver compliance with internal business rules, assurance of pedigree claims, enhanced profitability, and increased operational excellence. From the grower, aggregator, manufacturer and processor, to distribution and logistics, and finally the retailer, only TraceGains provides bi-directional unit-level (item, carton, pallet, etc.) traceability while boosting profitability and cost-effectively improving operational excellence.

TraceGains Inc.

Marc Simony, Director of Marketing


Source by Thomas Cutler