4 Benefits Of Choosing A Private Proxy Server

4 Benefits Of Choosing A Private Proxy Server

Are you in the habit of consistently looking for new proxy lists that you can use for your business? Would you like to know what works and what does not? Did you know that many of the public proxies that you use for “hiding” your footprints on the internet could be in fact, frying your a** leaving you exposed to identity theft? If you use proxies on a frequent basis, then it is important that you consider opting for a private proxy server, also known as virtual private hosting. The benefits are huge and include

1.Complete Covering of Your footprints

When people surf the internet, they tend to just leave their “footprints” everywhere making themselves easy targets for people who may mean harm and want to steal their details and contacts. Even when you use proxies which are by the way unreliable, most IP tracking software will still identify that you are behind a proxy.

But with an elite proxy server, you virtually become untraceable as your computer hides behind another computer whose IP alone is seen and not yours. This way, no one even knows that you are using the server. So, you can be in China and still use a server whose IP indicates that it is in Hawaii and every website you visit will surely indicate that you are connecting from Hawaii.

2.Does Not Show that It’s a Proxy

Now, most proxy servers tend to indicate that they are proxy servers. However, elite prosy servers don’t so that. They just give the impression that they are an actually system and are not shielding anyone who is using their IP.

3.The Speed is Quite Reliable

If you have been in the habit of using shared proxies, then you know by now that the proxies you connect to have a way of slowing your browsing down. It is very rare to find a free proxy server that really serves any purpose. In most cases, users tend to get very frustrated as these proxies take long to load their various pages. But with an elite proxy, you can be sure that the speed of your internet will remain fast; so you don’t have to worry about slow browsing speeds and terminated connections.

4.Complete and Total Access to the Server

You often have complete and total access to the elite proxy server when you get one. These servers are often dedicated to just you alone, so you will not be sharing your bandwidth and hosting with anyone at all. With this, you can modify whatever component you choose, install whatever software you want without necessarily spending a fortune and being apprehensive of others having access to the same software.

Source by Robart Alex