3 Ways to Avoid Blue Screen of Death Freezes

3 Ways to Avoid Blue Screen of Death Freezes

BSOD errors are annoying and time consuming. Once they happen you have pretty much no choice than reboot and lose hours of work. Here are three tips on how to avoid blue screen of death freezes.

Use a registry cleaner – All BSOD errors arecaused by registry issues:

  • bad drivers
  • missing dll objects
  • other unresolved issues

There are hundreds of excellent registry cleaners, free and otherwise. I personally suggest that you go for one that can automate the registry clean-up process, say every second week etc.

Use XP rather than vista – Vista is still at a relatively early stage there are still a huge number of drivers issues. I personally suggest you give the folks at Microsoft time to iron out all the issues before you actually go out and buy their stuff.

Stay clear of freeware – I know this is a rather controversial statement. perhaps should I instead say: AS for anything else in life you usually get what you pay for. I’d rather pay for an application than download a cheap but unreliable equivalent.

Use original drivers – I have to admit, the temptation is great to go out and download the best available drivers for your components. Most of these third-party drivers however are either generic or simply badly written. They end up causing all sorts of issues once you download them.

You’d be surprise how easy it is to get the original and updated driver directly from the device vendor. In fact most would let you get the latest driver free off their website!

Source by Amene Katanda