Managed Hosting

On-demand hosting. Full-time management.

We provide the equivalent of your hiring a dedicated team of certified engineers and cloud experts to monitor, adjust, and report on the overall performance of your infrastructure.  DigitalNetHosting® fully managed platform solutions are based on SoftLayer®, an IBM company. Best for large, multi-faceted deployments, your managed hosting team will provide unparalleled 24×7 management of core services including database, security, monitoring, and backup.

We tailor a backup-and-recovery solution for your business that leverages the best backup and high-availability technologies in the industry with best practices methodologies—all fully managed by your assigned team of certified engineers.

Database Strategy

We work with your team to understand your current database implementation and outline performance expectations. Then your DBA will architect the ideal database infrastructure and management strategy for your immediate and long-term objectives, covering essential design considerations.


You’ll get access to the full and robust set of reports as well as an assigned team of engineers. Your Managed Hosting team is the first line of defense for alerts and will design a detailed monitoring plan and escalation process.


We’ll assess your needs and create the optimal security strategy for locking down your environment while providing flexibility for peak performance. Our security procedures utilize industry best practices from sources including The Center for Internet Security (CIS), Microsoft, Red Hat, and more. All SoftLayer data center facilities are SOC 2 certified.


DigitalNetHosting® most senior experts, work with you and SoftLayer® the best and the brightest professionals in the business, work directly with you to create and manage your solution. They incorporate both best practices and years of experience with each specific system in your environment.

Technical Account Manager

The frontline for your Managed Hosting account—Your TAM oversees all your requests or issues from start to finish, even through escalation.

Senior Systems Engineer (SSE)

These highly specialized engineers with platform specific knowledge help achieve the best performance and efficiency of your systems.

Senior Database Administrator (DBA)

This is your primary resource for optimizing the performance, growth, monitoring, and backup of your database.

Extended Support Team

A full team of certified specialists assists in optimizing your hosted environment and managing your account, with subject matter specialists including:

  • Data center operations engineers
  • Change control managers
  • Billing specialists


The certified engineering and support team will assess your business goals and technology needs, design the ideal environment architecture to fit your objectives, and then provide a tailor-made support proactive management plan including backup with disaster recovery options, database administration, monitoring, and security services.

Moving forward, the team will regularly review your infrastructure’s performance and health. But you never have to wait—you have unlimited access to system and environment statistics through Executive Dashboards made available through a customer portal, providing near-real-time metrics on tickets, backups, bandwidth, uptime, and more.

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